Wed, Oct 14
Brave Blue World Expert Panel Discussion
What is California’s Water Future?
Tue, Sep 15
Solana Beach Eco Rotary Club: Torrey Pine Needle Research
Watch Emily Tianshi present her research project on biomimicking Torrey Pine needles for moisture condensation.
Mon, Aug 03
Zoom Event
Torrey Pines Environmental Program for Adults | Girl Scouts of America
Mon, Jul 27
Torrey Pines Environmental Summer Camp for Middle/High School Students | Girl Scouts of America
Mon, Jul 20
Torrey Pines Environmental Summer Camp for Elementary Students | Girl Scouts of America
A camp for elementary school students that informs people about the consequences of climate change on TPSNR, and raise the question of, "if we can't have a clean ecosystem, can we maintain healthy plants and animals?"
Sat, Jun 27
Zoom-Meeting ID will be sent out via email
Water Innovation-Launch Your Own Summer Research_Session 2
In this second seminar, you will learn how to identify the problems related to water shortage and water contamination, and then define the objective and scope of your research project.
Sat, Jun 06
Zoom-Meeting ID will be sent out via email
Water Innovation-Launch Your Own Research Project_Series 1
Launch your own summer research project to solve a water related problem. During this first seminar, you will learn the importance of science research and the basic research process.
Sun, Apr 26
Torrey Pines Beach
Come to join us to clean Torrey Pine beach
Mon, Mar 16
Balboa Park Activity Center
Plastics Free California
Come to learn ten ways to decrease your daily plastic consumption at school and at home. Consume less and live longer!
Fri, Jan 03
All Star Academy
Californians Against Plastics- Vote for SB 54 and AB 1080
Learn more about the SB 54 and AB 1080 bill. Support the action to eliminate non-reusable, non-recyclable and non-compostable products and reduce packaging. This is the most effective and least expensive way to protect the health of people, wildlife, and the environment.
Tue, Nov 26
All Star Academy
Save Water Save Nature Poster Demo
Come to learn about the world water crisis and create your own poster to promote water conservation and environmental sustainability.

Clearwater Innovation

A program of WE IMPACT Corp, a 501(c)(3) non profit company 

A community outreach program founded by the Tianshi siblings, who are concerned about the global water shortage and water pollution. They have been conducting research related to water from their home lab since middle school. Both of them were named top 30 national finalists in the Broadcom MASTERS, the US's premiere STEM middle school competition. Through events and educational programs, they encourage more children to think about the water crisis, publish creative ideas on this website, and utilize their creativity to solve water and environmental problems.




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