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Clearwater Innovation Annual Art and Short Film Contest 

Contest Topic - Plastic and Water

Did you know that one million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute?  Around 5 trillion single-use plastic bags are used worldwide every year? 90% of drinking water contains microplastics. By 2050, there will be more plastics in the ocean than fish by weight. The goal of this art contest is to generate awareness of plastic pollution in water sources and encourage avoiding one-time use plastics. 


Art Categories

  • Visual Art: sketch, painting, photography, digital art, or any type of other media

  • One-minute Short Film 


Age Groups 

  • Lower Grade Group: K to 7th graders

  • Upper Grade Group: 8th to 12th graders



Cash awards and certificates will be given to the top two winners for each category and each age group, a total of 8 awards. 



  • Please submit your art or short film to in this format:
    Title of email: Last Name, First Name, Category (Art or Short Film), Grade
    Body of email: attached file 

  • Recommended image file formats are JPEG, TIFF, and PNG and video file formats are MP4, m4v or MPEG-4.  

  • Students can submit both art and short film. There is no limit on the total submissions. 

  • The submission deadline is February 21st


Judging Criteria

The artwork is evaluated based on its creativity, relevance to the topic, and technical skills. Young artists are encouraged to research the topic of plastic pollution and its damage to water sources such as the ocean, lakes, and drinking water.



You must be a student in elementary, middle or high school to participate in this competition. Students from any state or country are eligible to participate.


Copyright & Plagiarism

The artwork and video submitted must be created by you and based on your own ideas. By submitting the art and video, you agree that you created the work by yourself and did not copy it from any other sources. If the video has music, it must be royalty-free. The work will be disqualified if it infringes on someone’s intellectual property. 


Note to Parents

A parent or guardian must review and sign each submission form. Be sure to read all rules and guidelines with your student to make sure that submissions adhere to our guidelines.

Event Host Partners

We Impact (

Art Hub (

Prima Materia Studio (

Event Sponsors

Grace School & All-Star Academy (

Cathy Beauty Wellness (

Vittorio's (

Judging Panel

Ms. Olya Losina

Olya Losina has been teaching since receiving her MFA in studio art from Moscow University, Russia. As the creator of the Losina Method of accelerated training and co-founder of Prima Materia Art Institute, Ms. Losina has made it her mission to elevate art education to the status of literacy. She has worked with hundreds of high-school students to prepare them for acceptance at the top universities in the US and Europe. When evaluating the work of young artists, one of the key criteria is the fresh voice, that unique point of view that children so powerfully convey through their art. Curating and serving as a juror for local art exhibitions and competitions, Ms. Losina’s way to give back to the community is to give validation through exposure of their work: “What I look for is the authenticity of the artist.” As an expert in identifying the raw potential exhibited by young people, she can see when the artist is speaking through their art or simply copying an image. 

Ms. Losina is a member of the Contemporary Art Committee (SDMA), Museum of Contemporary Art, Timken Museum of Art, and The Athenaeum School of the Arts in La Jolla.

Mrs. Dan Li

Mrs. Dan Li was encouraged by her family from an early age toward artistic expression and has always loved various forms of painting and artistic creation. She graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. While still a student, her work won many awards both inside and outside school. After graduation, she has worked in art education for 17 years, and her students' work has won numerous awards. The installation art and sculpture works that students have created under her instruction have been reported in the headlines of CCTV and major newspapers many times, and have been praised as innovations of a holistic education.

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