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Justin Sather on the Interceptor and Plastic Pollution

Hi! I’m Justin Sather. I’m 11 years old and working to create a healthier planet for my friends, family, the next generations, and my favorite animal–FROGS!

When I learned frogs are getting sick and dying because they are sensitive to the environment- I wanted to learn more. I learned that frogs breathe and drink through their skin and pollution, pesticides, and dirty pond and river water are some of the causes frogs are on the decline. When I learned frogs are indicator species–I knew frogs were a true sign that the planet needs our help.

My determination and work to save the frogs and help the planet led me to legendary conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall. Dr. Goodall challenged me to take my work one step further and focus on plastic pollution. She told me there is only a small window of time before there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish if nothing is done.

Since then, I have made tremendous efforts to learn the root cause of single-use plastics, the downfalls of recycling, and the negative effects plastic has on sea life and human health.

I’ve won numerous awards for my work including the President’s Environmental Youth Award and have been featured on Spectrum and ABC News for my efforts.

I’m also a youth Ambassador for Plastic Pollution Coalition and started “The Parallel Projects Campaign” in which I work with pen pals around the world to inspire youth to take better care of our planet.

My current project is working with The OceanClean Up’s Interceptor Boat Project which is cleaning up the most polluted rivers in the world. I’m working to support the next boat that is scheduled to start cleanups in Ballona Creek in Los Angeles. I believe the Interceptor Boat is a great starting point on bringing awareness to local students about our world’s plastic pollution crisis and is one step closer to creating a cleaner planet.

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